Abigail Wamboldt
Positive and negative shape drawing.One light source, high contrast value.Organic form and plane study of fabric.Linear perspective drawing incorporating curvilinear forms and hatching.Hatch still life drawing.Conte still life considering ellipse and value.Considering open form composition and texture. Final drawing considering all concepts considered in Drawing I.Final drawing considering all concepts discussed in Drawing I.Landscape drawing considering texture, space, atmospheric perspective.Landscape drawing working with edge vs. line.Art Club project considering death.Figure study of musculature and value.Long figure drawing considering figure ground relationship.Considering the figure in motion by documenting people moving through space in a public place.Skull drawing, staring to consider the human head.Self portrait considering figure ground relationship.Self portrait considering figure ground relationship.Self portrait of the artist.Potato and cloth painting, considering plane.Red still life without black.Complementary contrast considering a political issue. Achromatic, monochromatic and high chroma painting considering space.Landscape painting, working with atmospheric perspective.
Portfolio of Work by Students