Abigail Wamboldt
The Story of NOStranger Things Than WonderlandDrawingPainting WoodAn Alice Who Screams 
Is Not an Alice it Seems

I create out of the memory of a sensation, or from visual material that manifests itself in my imagination through sexual research, discussion and interaction. It is difficult to walk the line between creating literal pornographic images and images that maintain a sense of emotion. I am not trying to manufacture porn, but investigate how the modern sexual self is formed and acted upon.

While research, thought and discussion are crucial in my creative process, the works themselves emerge from an organic place. Mostly they are born out of the memory of a feeling. Picasso said “An idea is a point of departure and no more. As soon as you elaborate it, it becomes transformed by thought. ” I am a student of this philosophy, and I find it important to remain open and constant to change, so that the work can grow organically. Each piece develops its individual story within the larger feeling of my work.

My work goes through a great deal of structural upheaval before becoming formed. The conversation between abstraction and realism is continuous in my work, as is the marriage of internal and external in sexuality.