Abigail Wamboldt

I paint out of the memory of a sensation or from visual material that manifests itself in my imagination. When there is a need for more heightened realism I work from personal photographs and live models. Through this process I discuss and explore issues of sexuality and self. I attempt to be inclusive in my work without appropriating others pain.

I am drawn to the two dimensional format because it feels like a window into another world. I gravitate towards tactile materials that allow my body to become physically immersed in the experience of producing an artwork. While there is a range of materials present in my work there are common visual threads. For example there are metallic accents present communicating a sense of honor and dignity in struggle. There is also a commonality in the monumentality of the figure. The expression, behavior or action of the figures in each image is the central means of conveying the message.

I manipulate the human form to explore women’s endurance and tenacity. Because I am often struck dumb by what it is polite to say, or not to say, I speak through my pictures and think of them as visual screaming. I want to depict women facing everyday misogyny with dignity and grace, while also considering the oppression of our gender.